The Making of America was written at the request of David O. McKay and was designed to be a standard for understanding the Constitution from the viewpoint of the Founding Fathers. President McKay asked Dr. Skousen to write the book that the elders of Israel would use to sustain and ultimately restore the Constitution. President Benson later announced that this will be the book that the elders use to save the Constitution and he subsequently gave copies to each of the current General Authorities of the Church.

President Ronald Reagan recognized Dr. Skousen’s work as the best work on the Constitution available. Many legislators were given complimentary copies to read and study.

Members of the Restoration Generation study from these volumes each week in their efforts to become scholars on the Constitution.

  • Volume 1: The Making of the Constitution
  • Volume 2: U.S. Constitution Articles I-III
  • Volume 3: U.S. Constitution Articles IV-VII & Amendments