Restoration Generation – Weekly Trainings

The Restoration Generation meets each week to discuss current events and the Constitution. Our objective is to train our members to become battle-ready scholars on the Constitution. We study current events with an emphasis on 5 focus areas as described below. Come learn with us!

The Making of America

Our weekly meetings will be an opportunity to discuss current events and the Constitution. RG members will be expected to read sections of the Making of America during the week in preparation for our discussions.

Deseret News National Edition

Each week the 5 Restoration Generation teams report on current events that have occurred in their areas of expertise. We will be using the Deseret News National Edition as our primary resource for following current events.

Our 5 Focus Areas

International Outreach

Select members of the Restoration Generation participate in international educational outreach efforts through the Columbus Center for Constitutional Studies.

Religious Freedom

Members of the Restoration Generation work with the Wesley Center for Constitutional Studies to unite various churches under the common cause of religious freedom.

Defending the Family

Members of the Restoration Generation work with the Franklin Center for Constitutional Studies to defend the family, promote morality, and restore the foundations of true education.

Restoring the Constitution

Members of the Restoration Generation who are interested in healing the political process, separation of powers, checks and balances, and promoting a restoration of the Constitution engage with the Washington Center for Constitutional Studies.

Outreach to the Military

Members of the Restoration Generation who are especially about defending the 2nd Amendment or interested in military and law enforcement work with the Nelson Center for Constitutional Studies to inspire patriotism and love of freedom among those in uniform.

The Making of America

The Making of America was written at the request of David O. McKay and was designed to be a standard for understanding the Constitution from the viewpoint of the Founding Fathers. President McKay asked Dr. Skousen to write the book that the elders of Israel would use to sustain and ultimately restore the Constitution. President Benson later announced that this will be the book that the elders use to save the Constitution and he subsequently gave copies to each of the current General Authorities of the Church.

President Ronald Reagan recognized Dr. Skousen’s work as the best work on the Constitution available. Many legislators were given complimentary copies to read and study.

Members of the Restoration Generation study from these volumes each week in their efforts to become scholars on the Constitution.

  • Volume 1: The Making of the Constitution
  • Volume 2: U.S. Constitution Articles I-III
  • Volume 3: U.S. Constitution Articles IV-VII & Amendments

Deseret News National Edition

The Deseret News National Edition is one of the best places to follow current events and will be used in our weekly Restoration Generation discussions on Wednesdays. For digital subscribers, the National Edition is the US & World section online. Click below to view the website. We highly recommend bookmarking the page for easy access!

These papers are published and made available weekly in the free news kiosks at BYU-Idaho. Many Institute buildings also distribute these papers for free. A subscription to have the paper mailed to you costs $30/year.

The National Edition provides deeper insights on how current events are impacting families in six areas of emphasis:

  • Faith
  • Family
  • Care for the poor
  • Excellence in education
  • Culture and financial responsibility

BYU-Idaho Learning Model

We will pattern our trainings after the BYU-Idaho learning model. This means the trainings will be less lecture and more discussion, and that independent personal study will be required to prepare you for the discussion.

Weekly trainings will be an opportunity for us to teach one another what we have learned and how it applies. We each then reflect on what was learned and invite God to help us better understand and confirm the truth of this new knowledge.